The Parable of the "Good Policeman"

If you are a Christian and you happen to "bump" into a "Universalist" - i.e. someone who detests the idea that God is a Judge, share with them "The Parable of the 'Good Policeman.'"

"The Good Policeman was walking down Main Street one day when he saw a little old lady with a walker trying to cross the street. As he watched the little old lady, he saw a large Buick fly past him and come to a screeching halt next to the little old lady. Three young men hopped out of the car, laughing. One of them pushed the old lady to the ground, while another started kicking her in the abdomen, then the legs, then the face. Another of the men smashed his heel into the old woman’s face while she screamed in pain. Even from a distance, the Good Policeman could hear bones crack. Finally, one of the young men did the unthinkable. He pulled a knife out of his belt and slit the woman’s throat. But the Good Policeman witnessed these events. So as the men walked back toward their vehicle, he rushed up to them and thrust his hand out in front of them and said, “Hi. I’m the Good Policeman. And I want you to know that I LOVE you.”

Courtesy of Greg Johnson Greg's Couch - Theology and Apologetics for Normal People