The Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church

People are often mystified by the Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church. No, it isn't like the Mass of the Roman Catholic Church. Nor is it like the different Protestant Churches, each with its own pastor and particular emphasis. The Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church is "fixed," and it has been thus since the Nicene Era (4th-5th cent.)

Whether one goes to an Eastern Orthodox Church in Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Moscow, Athens or Thessalonica, one will hear precisely the "same" liturgy that was written by Saint John Chrysostom (the "golden-mouthed") in the 4th century. Sure, the language might be different - Greek or Slavic, but the liturgy is the same, and I know many English speaking people who have been able to follow the liturgy by using the liturgical manual, which has the English translation.

So what is this liturgy all about? Yes, when you walk into an Eastern Orthodox Church your senses are filled - smells of incense, beautiful iconography, Byzantine chants. And if you are theologically astute, and you understand the Eastern Orthodox theology of worship, then the entire church becomes a theological feast as you sing hymns and pray in unison with the faithful, citing ancient creeds and confessions of faith.

Sadly, many of the churches are nominalistic and ethno-centric rather than Christo-centric; however, for the student of theology, there can only be appreciation for the high theology and christology that this church has to offer.

So, introduce yourselves to the "Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church." I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, just as C.S. Lewis was when he first experienced it ..... Introduction to the Divine Liturgy